The Umbra

The True Umbra of the Palace of Music.


The Umbra is a pure D’Anjayni. He was somehow transported through the wake in the catacombs of the Palace of Music as a youth, and has spent the last 40 years in the shadows, drinking in the performances, silently observing the comings and goings of the actors, musicians, stagehands, and guests. Music and theater has become his passion, and he remains in the shadows – helping burgeoning stars reach their potential and saving them from any danger.

He has a small quarters hidden in the catacombs below the palace, far below the eyes and ears of any living human. In this quarters lies long-forgotten costumes, props, and musical instruments. The most noticable is the giant pipe organ that he composes music on. He has become familiar with the spirits of the wake – they trust him, and he trusts them.

Though the Umbra loves to compose and play music, he has never performed. He does often leave his compositions and writings for a trusted musician in the theater to carry out his work into the pubic.

The Umbra’s transition into our world from his was not easy. It left his face horrible scarred. He covers his scars with a mask fashioned from a human skull from the catacombs.

The Umbra

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